Who are we?

About Voila Moorea

Founded in 2014, Voila Moorea was born out of a desire to showcase Moorea in a unique way. We organize catamaran sailboat tours that are original, eco-responsible, and accessible to all, emphasizing a personal and human touch.

Our Mission

At Voila Moorea, we combine our passion for sailing with our love for the island’s environment to offer you an exceptional experience. Aboard our unique catamaran, you’ll escape the everyday routine and live fully in the present moment.

Discover the beauty of Moorea like never before with Voila Moorea, where adventure, sustainability, and personalized service come together for an unforgettable journey.

Pleased to welcome you!

The Voila Moorea’s team

The Crew

In our thirties and full of energy, passion, and dedication, we are committed to ensuring you have an unforgettable experience with us. We are Captain Léo and Liza, your enthusiastic hosts aboard Taboo. We are supported by a fantastic team of marine specialists and captains, all dedicated to making your journey extraordinary.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are deeply concerned with environmental issues and strive to have the least ecological impact possible.

  • We choose local and high-quality products for our fruit and drink tastings.
  • We avoid plastic and use non-disposable tableware, such as Pyrex glasses, bamboo trays, and recyclable or biodegradable straws.
  • We use sunprotections that respect marine flora and fauna.
  • We repair and reuse items rather than throw them away.
  • We prefer sailing over using the engine to reduce emissions.
  • We do not feed rays and sharks to maintain their natural behavior.
  • We actively collect waste that we encounter during our trips.

Join our eco tour in preserving the beauty of Moorea and its vibrant ecosystem.

The Boat

About Taboo: Our Tiki 30 Catamaran

Taboo is a Tiki 30 catamaran, designed by the renowned James Wharram. As a pioneer in the construction of pleasure catamarans, Wharram drew inspiration from traditional Polynesian canoes to create exceptionally robust and unique vessels.

Built in England in 1998, Taboo embarked on its first major journey with a solo transatlantic crossing to North America. After many adventures, Taboo crossed the Pacific Ocean and now enjoys beautiful days under the sun and in the turquoise waters of French Polynesia.

Taboo in a Few Figures: Length: 9 meters / Width: 5 meters / Draft: 0.80 meters

Equipment on Taboo:

  1. Trampoline (net) at the front
  2. Front teak deck
  3. Covered cockpit
  4. Bathroom staircase

Rigging with a furling jib and a large lattice sail, inspired by traditional Polynesian sails

Capacity: Taboo can accommodate up to 8 passengers and 2 crew members.

Equipments & Safety

To ensure the highest level of safety on board, our qualified crew is trained to supervise your swimming and snorkeling stops and to navigate with total confidence.

Quality Snorkeling Equipment: Fins, Masks, and Snorkels: Maintained and regularly renewed for quality and safety.
Floating Objects: Including pool noodles, lifelines, and life jackets for added safety.

Pre-Swim Safety Briefing: Before each swim, the captain provides detailed safety instructions tailored to each location. We ask you to respect these guidelines scrupulously.

Health and Safety Considerations: If you cannot swim or have specific health issues (heart conditions, epilepsy, motor skills, etc.), please notify us when booking and inform the captain at the start of the tour.

For Families with Children: Children are the responsibility of their parents. For young children, please bring your own equipment (armbands, buoys, life jackets, etc.).



  • Navigation diplomas: CPL, BC200, Sailing certificate
  • Swimming supervision diplomas: ACPASRA, CPPA APPN
  • First aid diplomas: PSC1, PSE1, BNSSA
  • Terrestrial: Professional capacities of land transport tourist mention


  • 4th category NUC approval by the Polynesian Maritime Affairs Department.
  • Equipment of 10 life jackets, 3 floating objects and a crown buoy…
  • Radio license
  • Permanent and regular maintenance


What you thought and recommended

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August 4, 2023

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July 28, 2023

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star rating  Fantasia – Captain Lucas was a wonderful guide-gave a wonderful background on this magical island. Was wonderful being on a small boat. Incredible experience and would highly recommend Taboo!

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July 20, 2023

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